Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chicago Show at MGM Grand Casino

I've followed Chicago probably since 1983 or so - since looking at charts in stage band for "Just You N Me", then "You're the Inspiration" was the prom theme in 1985. A great rock band with horns; I've seen them several times, usually in those big outdoor amphtitheaters that were designed for 20,000 people but not much of an intimate concert experience. They happened to be playing here in Las Vegas for several nights at MGM Grand, in a a theater that holds only about 700 people, and the sound was great. Only four original members remain, but they still sound as good as ever, and appear to be having a good time playing even in this their 40th anniversary! The ticket said "No Cameras" although everybody but me had their real cameras with them, so I only have one semi-worthy cell-phone cam pic to show (above). In the "small world" department, the couple sitting next to was were from Bluefield, West Viriginia, and the waitress (it was one of those theaters with tables) was from Sophia, West Virginia, a little area near where my Dad is from.