Sunday, September 9, 2007

Griffith Peak

This week's outdoor adventure was climbing to Griffith Peak, about an hour away from home. It was a pretty strenuous hike; nine miles round trip, almost six hours of hiking, and a final elevation of 11,060 feet above sea level. It feels so good lately to escape all the heat and noise in the Valley, and rekindle the inner Boy Scout, and just enjoy nature. I believe this is the first hike I have ever done where there is a register to sign at the top, and the next hike will be to the top of Mt. Charleston, which begins on the same trail as Griffith Peak, and adds perhaps two hours to the round trip.

Click on the picture below of Griffith Peak to see my other pictures of the hike. The pictures are in order, beginning at the trailhead, and ending at the top with a view of Las Vegas, Death Valley, and the mountains of California in the distance.

My First Football Wager

Marshall and WVU played each other in College Football yesterday, so I put $20 on Marshall. The "+25" on the ticket means that WVU was favored to win by 25, so if Marshall either won, or lost by less than 25, I won the bet. I figured if I-AA Appy State could beat the perennial power Michigan, I-A Marshall could at least hang in there with its intrastate rival. Marshall used to be fun to watch win most of their games when they, too, were I-AA, but these day it seems they have become fodder for I-A teams. So in the end, WVU beat Marshall 48 to 23, a difference of exactly 25, so the rule is I got my original $20 back. This exercise in futility made me realize it's more fun to follow football when it's just a game and you're not wondering what will happen to your money because of the outcome. So with that, "Good Luck Herd".