Sunday, September 9, 2007

My First Football Wager

Marshall and WVU played each other in College Football yesterday, so I put $20 on Marshall. The "+25" on the ticket means that WVU was favored to win by 25, so if Marshall either won, or lost by less than 25, I won the bet. I figured if I-AA Appy State could beat the perennial power Michigan, I-A Marshall could at least hang in there with its intrastate rival. Marshall used to be fun to watch win most of their games when they, too, were I-AA, but these day it seems they have become fodder for I-A teams. So in the end, WVU beat Marshall 48 to 23, a difference of exactly 25, so the rule is I got my original $20 back. This exercise in futility made me realize it's more fun to follow football when it's just a game and you're not wondering what will happen to your money because of the outcome. So with that, "Good Luck Herd".